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Blueprint 5G Research Infrastructure

What do we offer?

SLICES-Madrid offers access to a complete experimental 5G platform, encompassing both user equipment, radio access and core. It encompasses an O-RAN compatible deployment, currently based on Open Air Interface (though additional RAN and core platforms are being deployed).

USRPs (B210 and N310) are used for the gNB and UE. Commercial UEs are also available and a Amarisoft UE emulator (supporting up to 64 UE) can also be used. A channel emulator will be added to the platform in the next few months. Due to the nature of the service and its adjustment to the experiment needs, only local (physical) access to the service is available at this point.

Equipment charasteristics

Universal Software Radio Peripherical (USRP) Devices:

  • USRP N310: This device supports channels up to 100 MHz, providing robust capabilities for high-bandwidth applications.
  • USRP B210: Ideal for lower bandwidth requirements, this device supports channels up to 40 MHz.

Server Infrastructure:

  • DELL Power Edge R7615 Server: Role: Houses the OAI Core Network, forming the backbone of our network infrastructure.
  • DELL Power Edge R7615 Server: Functionality: Hosts the gnB OAI radio, connected to USRP N310 via SFP (10GB) and USRP B210 via USB3.0.

User Equipment (UE) Available:

  • Amarisoft Multi-UE Emulator: Can simulate up to 64 UEs, allowing for extensive testing and research scenarios.
  • Comercial UE: Equipment with a SIM car for authentication to the OAI CORE.

Example escenario

Are you interested?

If you are a researcher and want to get access to the Blueprint 5G, please fill the form below:

Blueprint request form

Queries for additional information should be sent to: